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A story that began with a seed... - Colian revamps its image


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Colian is introducing a new visual identity, which in a symbolic way presents the history of the company and communicates its characteristic values – continuous development, creativity, family values and Polish origin.

Colian started its business by producing herbs and spices. More than 30 years of business activity have thus been spawned by… a seed. Nurtured over the years in an entrepreneurial spirit, today it yields a harvest that is enjoyed by generations to come.

The seed grew into a tree whose fruits are the products present in the Colian portfolio. Enriched with additional pictograms depicting the raw materials necessary for their manufacture and floral ornaments, it has become a theme in the company’s communication. Unlimited and constantly growing branches mean that Colian is constantly developing and setting new business objectives. The tree is a symbol of life, strength, development, ambition and family. This makes it an ideal fit for a Polish family business.

The rebranding process also involved the logos of the companies in the Colian Group. A strong and heavily bolded font was used, which emphasises the stable foundations of the organisation. Each company has also received a distinctive colour to accentuate the dot over the letter ‘i’ (symbolic grain) and a dedicated graphic mark.




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