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A history that began with a seed...

  • 1990

    Barbara and Jan Kolanski and their family establish a small business in Piątek Wielki near Kalisz. Ziołopex, a company specialising in the production of herbs and spices, is founded. Thus, it all starts with a seed, which, once sown but properly nurtured, yields a crop from which we still reap today.

  • 2001

    The seed falls on fertile soil. Hard work of a small team spiced with a pinch of optimism turns out to be the perfect recipe for success. A new production facility is established in the Special Economic Zone in Wykroty. The aroma of spices reaches almost every corner of the country.

  • 2003

    The captivating scent of spices makes the appetite for success grow with each passing moment. The Appetita brand is born and becomes a loyal companion to kitchen experiments in every household. In the same year, Jutrzenka joins the organisation with a wide range of cookies and wine gums. This is the first step towards developing the sweet part of the business.

  • 2004

    Goplana – the brand with roots in the Wielkopolska region enriches the portfolio with delicious chocolates and other sweets. The regional flavour combined with world-class quality and 100 years of confectionery tradition make the Colian offer unique. A chocolate era in the company’s history begins.

  • 2005śki-1.png

    The fascination with sweet products that provide unforgettable taste sensations translates into further actions to develop the chocolate part of the business. The range of brands expands to include the country’s most popular wafers – Grześki.

  • 2007

    Hellena appears among Colian brands with the cult and genuinely best Oranżada Hellena. The outstanding product sentimentally transports one back to carefree childhood times and connects generations.

  • 2009

    The Colian product tree is going from strength to strength. A firmly rooted desire for growth and a stable company foundation contribute to the start of a new business branch. Colian Logistic is established with its seat in Kostrzyn Wielkopolski.

  • 2011

    Colian Developer, a company engaged in the development of multi-family housing, construction of commercial buildings for rent and property management, begins to operate.

  • 2013ść.png

    Among the sweet brands, Lublin-based Solidarność emerges with a wide range of pralines. The chocolate boxes, well-known for generations, are the perfect complement to the Colian offer. From now on there are products for every occasion.

  • 2016

    Colian acquires British supplier of luxury chocolate products – Elizabeth Shaw. The brand’s products, which can be traced back to 1881, were hosted at the royal court of Elizabeth II – the best possible recommendation.

  • 2018

    Lily O’Brien’s – a recognised Irish manufacturer of chocolate products and desserts joins Colian’s international product portfolio. The brand that was born out of love for chocolate has found a special place in the hearts of consumers.

  • 2021

    As a result of the merger of Elizabeth Shaw’s and Lily O’Brien’s companies, Colian UK is created, providing a solid foundation for the development of the Colian Group’s international operations. This is a decisive step towards increasing activity in the Irish and UK markets.

  • Currently

    Colian is a leading player in the Polish FMCG market exporting products to 70 countries on all continents.


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