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Tasteful novelties from Hellena - more juice, less sugar


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Taste-tempting Hellena still drinks in enhanced formulas are now available. The brand has opted for a high 20% fruit juice content, less sugar and a combination of natural mineral water and favourite Polish fruits. The novelties are produced using aseptic technology and have no chemical additives – artificial preservatives or colourings.

The line of non-carbonated beverages with 20% of juice Hellena is a wide range of 7 timeless proposals, loved by consumers: Apple with Peach and Apricot, Apple with Strawberry and Raspberry, Apple with Pear, Apple with Grape, Apple, Apple with Orange, Apple with Black Currant. The products are offered in a family format with a capacity of 1.75 l.

The line is a response to market realities and the preferences of consumers who are looking for high quality natural products. Their benefits are communicated on distinctive juicy labels. Aesthetic icons highlight the key differentiators and attributes of the drinks and their Polish origin.

A new line of non-carbonated beverages with 20% of Hellen’s juice in a new recipe has been available for sale from the beginning of the year.


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