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Authentically outstanding Oranżada Hellena Zero Sugar!


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An outstanding novelty appeared on shop shelves – Oranżada Hellena Zero Sugar. Owing to the perfectly refined recipe, the drink retains the unique, hard candy flavour characteristic of the brand. The product is sugar-free and has a calorific value of just 1 kcal per 100 ml. Diabetics and enthusiasts of the iconic Oranżada Hellena can reach for it without remorse.

A black stripe with the white wording “zero sugar” has been added to the brand’s recognisable label design, emphasising the drink’s character and function. The new branding is highly exposed as Oranżada Hellena Zero Sugar will receive strong support in the media and retail outlets.

Oranżada Hellena Zero Sugar is offered in family bottles with a capacity of 0.85 and 1.25 l, as well as in an impulse version of 0.4 l.


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