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Outstanding Oranżada Hellena Zero Sugar in a new version of the campaign “You glorify the foreign, but you don't know your own!”


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In the campaign of Oranżada Hellena Kuba Wojewódzki humorously emphasizes the outstanding nature of Poles and… the brand’s latest proposal. The journalist and celebrity points out the impressive achievements of his compatriots, among them Oranżada Hellena Zero Sugar, an outstanding sugar-free product. Due to the perfectly refined recipe, the novelty retains the unique taste characteristic of the brand.

The last seconds of 30-second and 15-second spots clearly emphasise what is most important in Oranżada Hellena Zero Sugar – outstanding taste and outstandingly zero sugar! Spots are broadcast on TV and in social media, Oranżada Hellena Zero Cukru will also receive strong support at points of sale.

Visually, the emphasis is on a distinctive design based on the black colour, typical of the sugar-free carbonated drinks category. Owing to the reference to the brand’s iconic product, the communication retains its unique branding nature, at the same time focusing the attention of the hard candy flavoured drink fans on both its classic and its new version.


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