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Eight Colian products appreciated in the Złoty Paragon (Golden Receipt) 2021 competition!


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The Złoty Paragon 2021 – Polish Merchants’ Award in the non-chocolate products category went to Familijne Waffles with chocolate mousse. The special statuette Złoty Paragon 2021 – Editorial Board Award was won by the sensational star of every party – Oranżada Hellena Party. Distinctions were awarded to: Grześki Mega cocoa in dessert chocolate 48 g (chocolate bars and wafer category), Grześki Tyci in dessert chocolate 120 g (packaged chocolate products category), Goplana Jeżyki Classic (cookies category), Śliwka Nałęczowska 190 g (pralines and chocolates category), Jeżyki ice cream on a stick 90 ml (impulse ice cream category) and Grześki ice cream 500 ml (family ice cream category).

“Złoty Paragon” is an award granted since 2011 by merchants – owners and managers of grocery and industrial shops who are readers of the monthly magazine Hurt&Detal. Prestigious awards are given to products and services that generate the highest income for retailers, thus contributing to the development of trade in Poland. The competition is held under the supervision of the independent research institute “KANTAR POLSKA”.


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